Club Interval Gold Membership

Club Interval Gold (CIG) is a membership and exchange program that combines the best of traditional timeshare with the flexibility of a points-based program.  As CIG members, owners can convert their resort weeks into points.  Using these points, members have access to any available resort in Interval’s network.  Owners can deposit their weeks for points, and then they can enjoy as many full-week exchanges and Short Stay Exchanges as their points allow.  If you book smaller units, take vacations in the off-season, or take  shorter vacations, then this program would make perfect logical sense for you.

For example, a Week 43 owner receives 70,000 points.  An owner could potentially spend 3 nights in Ogunquit in December for 11,583 points for Christmas shopping at the Kittery outlets, then go to North Conway for 3 nights and take the grandchildren to Santa’s Village in Jefferson for 16,380 points, and also go to Branson in March for 6 nights for 35,100.  There would still be 6,937 points left in their account to be combined with next year’s points.  That’s 12 nights of vacation for your one week at Harbor Ridge! Short stay exchange fees are required for each vacation segment, and start as low as $159. All exchanges are based upon availability and point values are subject to change.  Sunday through Thursday short stay exchanges require fewer points than weekend stays.

Owners can trade up to larger units or higher demand seasons or apply points to cruise, spa, and golf vacations.  Owners can switch between the traditional week exchange and points exchange; however, once a week is deposited as a week, it must be used in the weeks system. Some exchanges favor a weeks exchange over a points exchange or vice versa. For example, if an off-peak owner is travelling to Orlando in 2021, it is best to deposit the week as a week, not as points. Then in 2022, they may deposit the week as points to take advantage of multiple short stay exchanges.  To receive the above listed full point values, points must be deposited 120 days in advance of their week at Harbor Ridge and maintenance fees must be paid in advance.

The biggest advantage of Club Interval Gold is its transparency.  It shows all availability within the system regardless of resort type, unit size, or seasonality.  You can see what other resort weeks are worth too.  Club Interval Gold members receive all Interval Basic and Interval Gold benefits, including discounts on getaways, hotels, dining, VIP Concierge, Hertz #1 Club Gold, Orbitz discounts, Priceline discounts, cruise exchanges, hotel exchanges, and so much more.

Harbor Ridge is offering this fabulous program for $495, while other resorts offer this same program for up to $2995.  For your initial $495, you will receive a two-year CIG membership, and we’ll deposit 35,000 points into your account to get you started.  the ongoing renewal membership is $163 a year, which is subject to change.   If you are interested in converting to this points-based membership, please contact Annette or Margaret at Harbor Ridge at 866-384-0231 as soon as possible.  This offer is subject to change by the spring of 2022.

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