Sell My Timeshare

Harbor Ridge now has a resale program in place for owners wishing to sell their weeks. If an owner would like to list their week for sale, the owner must submit a Resale Listing Form (Click here for a copy).  Any resort representative can work on behalf of both buyers and sellers. The program is still young, and we are excited about its possibilities! The resort provides a list of owners who have their unit/week up for sale. The resale list is an Excel spreadsheet that can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed via USPS. Due to its ever changing nature, to request a current copy of the resale list, please complete the form below.

The resort will provide deed work services for $200.00. This fee includes preparing a Warranty Deed (and recording it at the Registry of Deeds), a Real Estate Transfer Tax Form, a Resale Certificate, a Co-Owner Agreement (if necessary), an unofficial title search, and a Public Offering Statement. To get started, merely draw up a Bill of Sale (click here for a copy) and mail it to Harbor Ridge, along with the $200 deed preparation fee.

We encourage owners to read the article below entitled, Selecting a Resale Company, prior to sending any money to any resale company.

Selecting a Resale Company

Should you decide to sell your timeshare, the American Resort Development Association recommends the following procedures when selecting a resale company.  For more information, view their website at

  1. Be prepared by having all your paperwork in order before proceeding.
  2. Ask what methods the company will use to advertise and promote the property. How can you get regular information on the status of the property? Be sure you know exactly what services the company will perform before making any payments or giving any credit card information.
  3. If you receive an offer by telephone, resist any pressure to make an immediate decision. Ask the solicitor to put details of the offer in writing and send the information through the mail. Obtain a written contract before making any payments.
  4. Once you have received the contract, be sure you understand the terms and conditions, including:
    • any fees, commissions or other costs you must pay
    • whether you can still rent or sell the interest on your own
    • how long the contract will be in effect
    • exactly what services the company will provide
    • who is responsible for documenting and closing any sale.
  5. Some resale companies charge up-front or advance fees for resale activities. The legality of these fees depends on your state law. You should check your state law before paying any advance fees. You may wish to consult with a state government agency such as the Department of Real Estate, or the Bureau of Timesharing to determine the legality of such fees in your state. If your state does not prohibit up-front fees, the ARDA member guidelines provide that prior to taking an up-front fee, the resale firm must provide the owner with a written statement explaining the purpose of the fee and whether other fees will be incurred.
  6. Ask if the company holds a real estate brokers license in its home state. Check with the state real estate commission to verify the information.
  7. Understand that, despite what some rental/resale salespeople tell you, there are no guarantees that your vacation interest can be resold or rented at a particular price or within a certain period of time. Resale of property is not an overnight process. Do not expect immediate results, but don’t hesitate to check on the progress your company is making on reselling or renting.
  8. If you have a problem, report it to the proper agencies: The Better Business Bureau, state and local real estate commissions and consumer protection agencies, consumer reporters, and state attorneys generals.
  9. Make sure you get a written contract and understand the terms of the contract before paying any money.
  10. Be aware that some resale companies require up-front listing fees which are not refundable.
  11. Be wary of companies offering gimmicks, such as money-back guarantees, in order to get your listing fee.
  12. Ask questions regarding the company’s background, history or resale success, and who at the resale brokerage will handle the closing.