Buy a Timeshare

Thank you for your inquiry about buying a timeshare at our resort. Owning a timeshare resort gives vacationers the ability to choose the vacation to fit their lifestyle and travel preferences.  Harbor Ridge Resort is affiliated with the exchange company, Interval International, which allows owners to travel to over 3,200 world-wide, high quality, spacious resort accommodations with a variety of amenities from swimming pools to golf courses to tennis courts to spa services.

To many, the flexibility is the key to better vacationing. Having the option to exchange their ownership at Harbor Ridge for another destination or choosing a different time for their vacation is important. To others, the pre-paid nature of timeshare ensures a regular vacation without the stress of planning for one each year.

At Harbor Ridge, consumers can make a one-time purchase of a furnished unit for one week every year or one week every other year.  Each week varies in cost, as the cost is based upon time of year purchased.  There will be an annual maintenance fee for resort operations and property taxes.

When contemplating buying a timeshare at Harbor Ridge, please consider the following:

  • Buy because you plan to use your timeshare in the future. Consider your purchase as an investment in future vacations. It is not a real estate or other type of financial investment.
  • Choose a vacation week that fits your lifestyle now and into the future. Think carefully about what you value most in a vacation and travel experience.
  • Visit Harbor Ridge on your next vacation, or rent a unit to experience the quality accommodations and recreational amenities. While you’re here, talk to existing owners about their experiences.
  • Ask to look at our Public Offering Statement and financial documents or talk to management about the state of the resort.  Read all documents carefully and understand what type of product you are being offered. Ask for a clear explanation of the timeshare terminology.
  • Harbor Ridge is a member of ARDA, which means that it agrees to adhere to the ARDA Code of Ethics.

Harbor Ridge has a list of weeks for sale, which is formatted as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The resale list is provided as a service of Harbor Ridge Resort; and any of our Front Desk staff members are willing to work with you to negotiate sales with the individual owners.   The resort will do the deed work for a nominal fee of $200.00.

Please fill out the form below or call us at (207) 244-7000 if you are interested in reviewing our resale list or purchasing at Harbor Ridge. We look forward to working with you.