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Standard Rack Rental Rates

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Owners may place their week in the Rental Pool. A signed Rental Agreement must be on file to be included. Click here to get a copy of the Rental Agreement.

We have timeshare rentals throughout the year. Summer is beautiful here on the island and winter is pretty nice too, but very quiet. Downhill skiing is two to three hours from our area. Cross country skiing is very popular in Acadia National Park during the winter months if mother nature cooperates! Please contact us if you would like to reserve your timeshare rental in Maine!

We have both Saturday and Sunday check-ins. The two-bedroom townhouses will sleep six people; while the one-bedroom townhouses will sleep four people. All vacation rentals are subject to a 9% State of Maine Lodging Tax. We do require that the full amount of the vacation rental be paid at the time of booking. It is refundable up to 65 days before the start of your reservation, other than a $50.00 processing fee, but not refundable after that date. We rent by the night only on a short-term notice, seven days or less. Please call us at 207-244-7000 from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily to place a reservation or feel free to submit your request via the form at the bottom of the page.

 Standard Rack Rental Rates

Week Number Weekly Rental Nightly Rental
1 - 6 $  650 $109
7 $  750 $125
8 - 14 $  650 $109
15 - 16 $  750 $125
17 - 20 $  900 $150
21 – 24 $1,200 $175
25 - 35 $1,600 $250
36 - 40 $1,200 $175
41 - 43 $  900 $150
44 - 50 $  650 $109
51 - 52 $1,000 $150
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